Norrland stories: Organic Socks of Sweden

socks river
From Umeå: Swedish sustainability & style applied to a global production and supply chain


It started simply as a love of nature and a passion for a better tomorrow.

The heart of a child in industrial Faisalabad, Pakistan, was captured by the colour of 100,000 textile factories. Curious, he studied textile engineering and within eight years rose to Product Engineer for one of the world’s largest sock manufacturers.

Organic Socks of Sweden was born of dreams. Of that still curious young guy inspired to travel 3000 miles to learn more. He learned best practices from a Masters in Textile Value Chain Management, University of Borås, Sweden. And therein lies the heart of Organic Socks of Sweden.

socks range
Organic Socks of Sweden’s autumn 2017 collection. Lund are the current best sellers, but our favourite is Forsberg.


“Our cotton is only naturally grown. Our manufacturing is certified as ecofriendly to protect the environment and health of our workers.” says Founder and CEO Mudassar Anwaar, “We add the passion & inspiration from Norrland to deliver unique collections of high quality organic socks and underwear in colorful designs.”

Mudassar Anwaar chased his dreams to found Organic Socks of Sweden in 2016. Based at Umestan Företagspark, Umeå he shows the autumn 2017 collection.

Your purchases allow Organic Socks of Sweden to donate one percent of sales towards the empowerment of poor families and girl’s education in rural Pakistan.


Images by permission of Organic Socks of Sweden. Neil Johnson was talking to Mudassar Anwaar.


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