Helping you connect confidently.

You have something to say? Well, BotniaBlue provide content, market communications and training services with an international focus.

Making it happen takes theory and practice. Masters qualifications in business are well and good. Insight from 20 years of applying theory in international business practice is better. Acumen built in technology, communications and transport planning sectors across three continents. Not just in B2B marketing and communications that respect cultural differences but across consultative sales, service management and leading technical projects. We have found expectations in the Nordics are high. But they are  exceeded by those of your prospective customers,  here and everywhere.

It starts with you. Our strength is helping to attract customers through helpful and relevant interactions and content. Potential customers increasingly find you through channels like blogs, search engines, and social media.  By designing content that addresses the problems, needs and wants of your ideal customers, you attract and qualify prospects. You also build trust and credibility.

“Lugn. Vi hjälper dig” Dick Sundqvist – a Swede that gets better business