This is what we do. Or rather, some of what we have done. Big and small.



that deliver business benefit

  • Product sheet development #cleantech copy editing and proof-reading for an Umeå based #cleantech.
  • social media strategy recommendations for an engineering business
  • website review and development– for an Örnköldsvik based #cleantech company.
  • International tender support including supplier qualification, request for proposal, tender management, evaluation of proposals and recommendation.


with actionable insights. That respects Nordic values. As well as technology trends and international business methods.

  • Blog posts
  • English for International Business in 2020 new course design and content for an international salespersons. Reflecting ‘the age of the customer”, the impact of content marketing and automation, and digital business trends.
  • International Transport design and course content. Taking an issues based approach with an emphasis on transparency, trends and technology changes. Logistics must face that fact that digital as a transport mode in its own right.
  • Transport Management course unit design and content for International Freight Forwarders respecting the strengths of Norrland, automation and IoT, and the needs of Industry 4.0.
  • Sustainable Transport and the Environment course design and content including environmental impact and certification.


and assessment. We embrace the ‘flipped classroom’ approach and while knowledge and understanding key, more important is equipping students with a toolkit and set of values for business in

  • English for International Business in 2020 – advanced consultative selling
  • Linkedin: develop your brand – personal and business
  • International Transport and Sustainability – for freight forwarders
  • Transport and the Environment – as part of a nordic Purchasers course


So, what can we do for you?